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Massage Therapy Establishment Business License

This application is for businesses located within the Gilbert Town limits.  

The annual application fees for a Massage Therapy Establishment are as follows:

            $200 License Fee

The primary contact for applications submitted online will be contacted within 24 business hours to make a credit card payment over the phone for $225.  All fees are non-refundable.

$22 Finger Print Fee (subject to change by DPS) to be paid at the time of the finger printing, with a cashier's check or money order payable to the Department of Public Safety.  

The Gilbert Police Department will call to schedule an appointment with the business owner to take fingerprints once they begin processing the application.  Fingerprints to complete the background check are a requirement and must be administered by the Gilbert Police Department. This is required for initial applications only, not renewals.

The Town of Gilbert has a maximum of 65 days to process Massage Therapy Establishment business license applications.

The following documents must be attached to the application prior to being submitted.  Please have them available prior to proceeding with the application.  Failure to include all documents will delay processing.




X X Copy of valid driver's license or other government photo ID for applicant



Copy of AZ massage license for all therapists



Two copies of the floor plan for the establishment


*Required if any changes have been made.

Special Requirements

The following provides information on the required inspection prior to the license being issued.   The link to the section in the Municipal Code for Massage is here.

To open the following information in a PDF document to print, click here.

  • Sec. 14-354. - Massage therapy establishment license; special requirements.

(a) No massage therapy establishment license shall be issued or renewed unless inspection by the fire department indicates the site of the proposed establishment complies with all the applicable provisions of the fire code.

(b) No massage therapy establishment license shall be issued or renewed unless inspection by the building and code compliance department indicates that the site of the proposed establishment complies with each and all of the following minimum requirements:

(1) Minimum lighting shall be provided in accordance with the town building code and, in addition, at least one artificial light of not less than 40 watts shall be provided in each room or enclosure where massage or touching techniques are performed on patrons and shall be in use whenever such services are being performed.

(2) Minimum ventilation shall be provided in accordance with the town building code.

(3) Hot and cold running water shall be available in the establishment.

(4) Closed cabinets shall be provided for the storage of clean linens.

(5) A minimum of one dressing room for each patron to be served, and a minimum of one toilet and one washbasin shall be provided by each massage therapy establishment; provided, however, that if more than one patron will be served simultaneously at the establishment, a separate massage room is required for each patron served simultaneously, and separate dressing and toilet facilities shall be provided for male and female patrons.

(6) A minimum of one separate washbasin shall be provided in each massage therapy establishment, which basin shall provide soap or detergent and hot and cold running water at all times and shall be located within or as close as practical to the area devoted to the performing of massage or touching techniques. In addition, there will be provided at each washbasin, sanitary towels placed in permanently installed dispensers.

(7) Compliance with all applicable provisions of the town building code is required.

(c) No massage therapy establishment license shall be issued or renewed if the applicant has been convicted within the last five years of any felony, or has been convicted within the last two years of any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.

(d) No massage therapy establishment license shall be issued to an applicant who is less than 18 years of age.

(e) A massage therapy establishment licensee shall maintain at the massage therapy establishment a current log of all employees and independent contractors at the massage establishment, including:

(1) The full legal name, date of birth, home address and telephone number, employment position, date first began employment and when employment was terminated, if applicable; and

(2) Each massage therapist's license number and date of expiration of license.

(3) The log shall at all times reflect the names for the previous one year. Wherever the log is located, the log shall be subject to inspection upon request, during normal business hours. A massage therapy establishment licensee shall maintain at the massage therapy establishment a log of all massage therapy administered at the establishment. The log shall contain the following information: date, time and type of each massage therapy administered, name and address of the client, and name of the massage therapist administering the massage therapy.

(f) An applicant for a massage establishment license, a controlling person or a designated agent for a licensee, a manager, or a licensee shall permit representatives of the police department, town departments, and any other federal, state, county agency in the performance of any function connected with the enforcement of any code, statute or regulation relating to human health, safety or welfare or structural safety, normally and regularly conducted by such agency, to inspect the premises of a massage establishment for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the law, at any time it is lawfully occupied or open for business. It is a criminal offense as provided in this chapter as well as grounds for suspension or revocation for a licensee, employee, or agent to refuse to permit an inspection of the premises or records as provided herein. 



Licensing Eligibility - Required for Individual or Sole Proprietor Only

According to the Legal Arizona Workers Act (A.R.S. 41-1080), specific documentation is required to issue a business license if your business ownership type is identified as an Individual, Sole Proprietorship, or Husband and Wife business. Before your license can be approved, you must provide a copy of one of the following documents indicating your presence in the United States is authorized under federal law (if applying as Husband and Wife both individuals must provide documentation).

This provision does not apply to an individual, if all of the following apply:

  1. The individual is a citizen of a foreign country, or, if at the time of application, the individual resides in a foreign country.

  2. The benefits that are related to the license do not require the individual to be present in United States in order to receive those benefits.

Please select the appropriate box below indicating lawful presence.

Business Mailing Address

Primary Contact Information - this is the individual who will receive the business license and the renewal notification.

Primary Contact Name

Business Information

Business Location Address being Licensed - Physical Address, no PO Boxes

Property is

Lease Expiration Date

Date Picker

Landlord Address

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.

For help identifying the appropriate code for your business, please visit



Wastewater is discharged via

Does your facility contain any photographic or x-ray development processes on site?

Does your facility have a Grease Trap or Grease Interceptor on site?

Uploaded Files


The Town wishes to notify all applicants of certain rights the applicant has related to the issuance of a license.

Arizona Revised Statues, Chapter 7, Article 4

9-834. Prohibited acts by municipalities and employees; enforcement; notice

A. A municipality shall not base a licensing decision in whole or in part on a licensing requirement or condition that is not specifically authorized by statute, rule, ordinance or code. A general grant of authority does not constitute a basis for imposing a licensing requirement or condition unless the authority specifically authorizes the requirement or condition.

B. Unless specifically authorized, a municipality shall avoid duplication of other laws that do not enhance regulatory clarity and shall avoid dual permitting to the maximum extent practicable.

C. This section does not prohibit municipal flexibility to issue licenses or adopt ordinances or codes.

D. A municipality shall not request or initiate discussions with a person about waiving that person's rights.

E. This section may be enforced in a private civil action and relief may be awarded against a municipality. The court may award reasonable attorney fees, damages and all fees associated with the license application to a party that prevails in an action against a municipality for a violation of this section.

F. A municipal employee may not intentionally or knowingly violate this section. A violation of this section is cause for disciplinary action or dismissal pursuant to the municipality's adopted personnel policy.

G. This section does not abrogate the immunity provided by section 12-820.01 or 12-820.02.

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