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Town of Gilbert Annual Transient Business License

This application is for an initial application and for the annual renewal.

Transient merchant means any person who conducts the business of collection, sale, solicitation or taking of orders for future deliveries of goods, wares, or merchandise, including but not limited to, intangibles, prepackaged or edible foods, recyclables, junk, or personal property of any nature whatsoever an who conducts such business by foot, cart, wagon, automobile or any other type of conveyance from place-to-place, house-to-house, street-to-street, business-to-business or on property adjacent to a street but not at a fixed location. 

This license is an annual license which permits the vendor to attend an unlimited number of events or conduct business over a 12-month period. 

The application fee for an Annual Transient Business License is $55.   The primary contact for applications submitted online will be contacted within 24 business hours to make a credit card payment over the phone.  All fees are non-refundable.

Standard processing time is 5-7 business days.  The Town of Gilbert has a maximum of 30 days to process business license applications.

Incomplete applications or those received without the required supplemental information will not be processed.

The following transient business licenses are also available by coming into the Gilbert offices:

- Special Event License.  This is good for one event only and is issued over the counter at the Town of Gilbert for $15.  

- Seasonal Sales Transient License.  This is for the sale of merchandise related to a recognized state holiday or seasonal event, including but not limited to Christmas tree sales, pumpkin sales and sales of permissible consumer fireworks when offered for sale in conjunction with a state holiday or seasonal event.  This is good for the "season" and is issued over the counter at the Town of Gilbert for $15.  

A Mobile Food Vending License should be completed if the business meets the following definition:

Food vending vehicle shall mean any vehicle, as that term is defined in the Arizona Revised Statutes, which is equipped or primarily used for retail sales of fruits, vegetables, or produce, and/or prepared, pre-packaged, or unprepared, unpackaged food or beverage of any kind on any public or private street, alley, highway, or property within the town. The inventory of these vehicles is not necessarily limited to edible items and may include non-food sundries. a human powered food vending vehicle is not a food vending vehicle.

Go to Mobile Food Vendor Business License

The following documents must be attached to the application prior to being submitted.  Please have them available prior to proceeding with the application.  Failure to include all documents will delay processing

- Copy of valid Arizona driver’s license or other government issued ID for business owner(s).

- If selling food: copy of County Permit

- If a motorized vehicle is being used:

  1. Copy of vehicle liability insurance: bodily injury, $100K per person, bodily injury, $300K per accident; property damage, $25K per accident
  2. Photo(s) of vehicle being used, including the license plate


Check all that apply

Legal Owner Information - This is the Legal Business Entity (or Individual Owner) that owns the business, i.e. LLC

Licensing Eligibility - Required for Individual or Sole Proprietor Only

According to the Legal Arizona Workers Act (A.R.S. 41-1080), specific documentation is required to issue a business license if your business ownership type is identified as an Individual, Sole Proprietorship, or Husband and Wife business. Before your license can be approved, you must provide a copy of one of the following documents indicating your presence in the United States is authorized under federal law (if applying as Husband and Wife both individuals must provide documentation).

This provision does not apply to an individual, if all of the following apply:

  1. The individual is a citizen of a foreign country, or, if at the time of application, the individual resides in a foreign country.

  2. The benefits that are related to the license do not require the individual to be present in United States in order to receive those benefits.

Please select the appropriate box below indicating lawful presence.

Legal Owner Mailing Address

Primary Contact Information - this is the individual who will receive the business license and the renewal notification.

Business Information

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.

For help identifying the appropriate code for your business, please visit

Please upload the required documents.


The Town wishes to notify all applicants of certain rights the applicant has related to the issuance of a license.

Arizona Revised Statues, Chapter 7, Article 4

9-834. Prohibited acts by municipalities and employees; enforcement; notice

A. A municipality shall not base a licensing decision in whole or in part on a licensing requirement or condition that is not specifically authorized by statute, rule, ordinance or code. A general grant of authority does not constitute a basis for imposing a licensing requirement or condition unless the authority specifically authorizes the requirement or condition.

B. Unless specifically authorized, a municipality shall avoid duplication of other laws that do not enhance regulatory clarity and shall avoid dual permitting to the maximum extent practicable.

C. This section does not prohibit municipal flexibility to issue licenses or adopt ordinances or codes.

D. A municipality shall not request or initiate discussions with a person about waiving that person's rights.

E. This section may be enforced in a private civil action and relief may be awarded against a municipality. The court may award reasonable attorney fees, damages and all fees associated with the license application to a party that prevails in an action against a municipality for a violation of this section.

F. A municipal employee may not intentionally or knowingly violate this section. A violation of this section is cause for disciplinary action or dismissal pursuant to the municipality's adopted personnel policy.

G. This section does not abrogate the immunity provided by section 12-820.01 or 12-820.02.

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